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logic puzzles and liminal spaces

(sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched)

Age Statement: Legal to drink and to drive, but never at the same time. Legal to smoke and to strip, but never - well, just never, so far. I'll keep you posted.

Other Statements: Hello! I'm Kat. I'm a student, an INFJ, and the kind of person who tried to enter at least two dozen "Interests" that were five or more words. LJ was not amused.

This journal is semi-friends-only, which is to say, I haven't bothered with a banner yet, but I lock anything that could lead back to my true identity. Yes. I'm a superhero.

Please do not cross-post to Twitter, Facebook, etc.; please contact if interested in transforming anything (not that there's much here to transform); so on and so forth, the usual.

What else? Well - I'm inquisitive, fannish, and generally more chipper than not. If you find me relevant to your interests, feel free to come say hi! But be advised, would-be friends, I am prone to the following potentially undesirable behaviors: rambling, going on tangents, talking about my non-internets life, having a lot of feelings and expressing them through CAPSLOCK and excessive punctuation!!!!! saying "we" without explaining who "we" is, promising to read, write, or watch things and then taking forever to get around to them, forgetting who I told what, or vice-versa, threadjacking, leaving comments just to say I like you, leaving comments backed up in my inbox and answering months later, leaving comments that won't fit in one comment, starting actual conversations, continuing actual conversations, and insisting upon caring about you, as if you lived next door - er, metaphorically speaking, because, actually, I found out this afternoon that our neighbors are called Jonah and Scott, where I'd been thinking at least one of them was named Evan. (Oops?)